Sept/Okt 16 – #tourism #herbstindenbergen #kloesterlestuben

so_alexkaiser-at-2 so_alexkaiser-at-3 so_alexkaiser-at-4 so_alexkaiser-at-6 so_alexkaiser-at-5 so_alexkaiser-at-7 so_alexkaiser-at-8 so_alexkaiser-at-2 so_alexkaiser-at-4320 so_alexkaiser-at-4340 so_alexkaiser-at-4547 so_alexkaiser-at-4739

Aug 16 – #landscape #summer #mountains

Aug 16 – #verwall #verwallrunde #mountains #naturpark

sov_alexkaiser-at-7267 sov_alexkaiser-at-7299 sov_alexkaiser-at-7309 sov_alexkaiser-at-7319 sov_alexkaiser-at-7320 sov_alexkaiser-at-7324 sov_alexkaiser-at-7333 sov_alexkaiser-at-7346 sov_alexkaiser-at-7393 sov_alexkaiser-at-7397 sov_alexkaiser-at-7415 sov_alexkaiser-at-7424 sov_alexkaiser-at-7441 sov_alexkaiser-at-7447 sov_alexkaiser-at-7463 sov_alexkaiser-at-7487 sov_alexkaiser-at-7541 sov_alexkaiser-at-7573

Jul/Aug 16 – #tourism #alpenregion #klostertal #stuben #kloesterle #walsertal

so_alexkaiser-at-2852 so_alexkaiser-at-2731 so_alexkaiser-at-3029 so_alexkaiser-at-3790 so_alexkaiser-at-2632 so_alexkaiser-at-1930 so_alexkaiser-at-1605 so_alexkaiser-at-1501 so_alexkaiser-at-1046 so_alexkaiser-at-7005 so_alexkaiser-at-6717 so_alexkaiser-at-6466

May/June 16 – #travelling #iceland #minnesota #florida

Apr 16 – some new #landscapes #arlberg #zuers #albona #stuben #austria

landswcw_alexkaiser- landswcw_alexkaiser--3 landswcw_alexkaiser--2 landscw_alexkaiser--4 landscw_alexkaiser--3 landscw_alexkaiser--2

Mar 16 – #headfreeride

headfree_alexkaiser-8694 headfree_alexkaiser-8679 headfree_alexkaiser-8676 headfree_alexkaiser-8797 headfree_alexkaiser-8575 headfree_alexkaiser-9016

Mar 16 – #headkids

headkids_alexkaiser-0889 headkids_alexkaiser-0337 headkids_alexkaiser-0216 headkids_alexkaiser-1036 headkids_alexkaiser-1233 headkids_alexkaiser-9971

Mar 16 – #hoodlamb

hoodlamb_alexkaiser--2 hoodlamb_alexkaiser--3 hoodlamb_alexkaiser--4 hoodlamb_alexkaiser--5 hoodlamb_alexkaiser--6 hoodlamb_alexkaiser-

Mar 16 – #albona #stuben

albona_alexkaiser-5418 albona_alexkaiser-5460 albona_alexkaiser-5828 albona_alexkaiser-5882 albona_alexkaiser-6561 albona_alexkaiser-6894

Feb 16 – #sonnenkopf

sonnenkopf_alexkaiser- sonnenkopf_alexkaiser-1778 sonnenkopf_alexkaiser-1832 sonnenkopf_alexkaiser-2485 sonnenkopf_alexkaiser-2868 sonnenkopf_alexkaiser-3360

Feb 16 – #nadinewallner

nadine_alexkaiser-0162 nadine_alexkaiser-0165 nadine_alexkaiser-0175 nadine_alexkaiser-0359 nadine_alexkaiser-0634 nadine_alexkaiser-0737

Feb 16 – #walsertal #alpenregion

walsertal_alexkaiser-7757 walsertal_alexkaiser-7774 walsertal_alexkaiser-7995 walsertal_alexkaiser-8023 walsertal_alexkaiser-8783 walsertal_alexkaiser-9803

Jan 16 – #warth

warth_alexkaiser-5177 warth_alexkaiser-5559 warth_alexkaiser-5604 warth_alexkaiser-5906 warth_alexkaiser-5964 warth_alexkaiser-6145

Jan 16 – #cover #skimagazin #interview #laloupe


Nov/Dez 15 – #some new work#head#pieps#strolz#breuninger#kästleski#warth#3täler#morecommingsoon#

Sep/Okt 15 – 7 weeks of travelling #atlantic ocean#caribbean#columbia#costa rica#panama#mexiko#california#minnesota#new york#

atlantikusaCF009352 atlusCF009085 atlusCF009246-Bearbeitet-2 atlusCF009137 atlusCF009135 atlusCF009114-Bearbeitet-2 atlusCF009099 atlusCF009026 atlusCF008951 atlusCF008894-Bearbeitet-2 atlusCF008877 atlusCF008863 atlusCF008791 atlusCF008716 atlusCF008583 atlusCF008561 atlusCF008470 atlusCF008401-Bearbeitet atlusCF008351-Bearbeitet atlusCF008044 atlusCF008007 atlusCF007992 atlusCF007754 atlusCF007694 atlusCF007692

Aug 15 – On Tour#mountain life#peaks#summer#

IMG_1049 IMG_1043 IMG_1039 IMG_1038 IMG_1036 IMG_1035 IMG_1033 IMG_1031 IMG_1009

July 15 – Bike #Scott#Toko#

bike15_alexkaiser-10 bike15_alexkaiser-11 bike15_alexkaiser-12 bike15_alexkaiser-15 bike15_alexkaiser-14 bike15_alexkaiser-13

June 15 – Freedom of the Seas

croatia_alexkaiser-4294 croatia_alexkaiser-4284 croatia_alexkaiser-4297 croatia_alexkaiser-4276 croatia_alexkaiser-4306 croatia_alexkaiser-4320

May 15 – Croatia/Mali Losinj

croatia_alexkaiser-15 croatia_alexkaiser-14 croatia_alexkaiser-13 croatia_alexkaiser-12 croatia_alexkaiser-11 croatia_alexkaiser-10

May 15 – Croatia

croatia_alexkaiser-4256 croatia_alexkaiser-4198 croatia_alexkaiser-4257 croatia_alexkaiser-4263 croatia_alexkaiser-4259 croatia_alexkaiser-4196

Apr 15 – some new landscape work

lsc_alexkaiser-006282 lsc_alexkaiser-006249 lsc_alexkaiser-006177 lsc_alexkaiser-006022 lsc_alexkaiser- lsc_alexkaiser--2

Apr 15 – the bird connection

vog_alexkaiser-2219 vog_alexkaiser-2206 vog_alexkaiser-2183 vog_alexkaiser-2093 vog_alexkaiser-2036 vog_alexkaiser-2014

Apr 15 – perfect conditions in the mid of april !!! #HEAD#Freeride#

alexkaiser-9961 alexkaiser-9778 alexkaiser-0472 alexkaiser-0408 alexkaiser-0276 alexkaiser-0158

Apr 15 – on tour with kids #HEAD SKI# BERGANS#

kids_alexkaiser-1975 kids_alexkaiser-1856 kids_alexkaiser-1812 kids_alexkaiser-1746 kids_alexkaiser-1557 kids_alexkaiser-1512

Mar 15 – #Kästle Ski# Part two

Mar 15 – Shooting for #Kästle Ski#

Mar 15 – Shooting for #Pieps# #Jetforce#

pieps_alexkaiser-5446 pieps_alexkaiser-5324 pieps_alexkaiser-5164

Mar 15 – Freerideshooting #HEAD# part one

frozen_alexkaiser-4502 frozen_alexkaiser-4447 frozen_alexkaiser-4369 frozen_alexkaiser- frozen_alexkaiser--3 frozen_alexkaiser--2

Feb 15 – Shooting with  #Lorraine Huber#Bergans#Kästle#

lorri_alexkaiser-4474 lorri_alexkaiser-4353 lorri_alexkaiser-4338 lorri_alexkaiser-4276 lorri_alexkaiser-4254 lorri_alexkaiser-4119

Feb 15 – #Warth# Tourism #Bergans#Scott#Head#Bern#

warth_alexkaiser-2994 warth_alexkaiser-2560 warth_alexkaiser-2540 warth_alexkaiser-2303 warth_alexkaiser-1915 warth_alexkaiser-1770

Feb 15 – NÖ Tourism

no_alexkaiser-1407 no_alexkaiser-1125 no_alexkaiser-1038 no_alexkaiser-0858 no_alexkaiser-0730 no_alexkaiser-0223

Feb 15 – Ispo 2015 / Pictures for the new #Montana# booth


Jan 15 – Above the clouds

Jan 15 – Wellhotel – Zürserhof ***** #Hotel Zürs#

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-09 um 10.21.21

Jan 15 – Wellhotel – Trofana Royal *****s #Hotel Ischgl#

 Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-09 um 10.18.45 Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-09 um 10.19.18

Jan 15 – Pretty nice out there ! – HEAD Ski#Salewa#Scott Sports#Bern Helmets

Dez 14 – Vernissage Zürs

vernissageip vernip-1 vern0ip ad7636 ad7633 ad7628 ad7623 ad7619 ad7606

Dez 14 – Titel Sport Breuninger Winterkatalog/Website

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-16 um 08.16.04

Nov 14 – Somewhere in the Dolomits

akdolomit-3836 akdolomit-3833 akdolomit-3816 akdolomit-3777 akdolomit-3772 akdolomit-3767

Nov 14

Presented by the Art Gallery Aurelio Lech

Okt 14 – Price giving ceremony  TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT / Design Center Linz

trierenberg-2474 trierenberg-2467 trierenberg-2459 trierenberg-2456 trierenberg-2436 trierenberg-2434 trierenberg-2423 trierenberg-2413 trierenberg-2408

Okt 14 – Action shot for the current Audi magazin


August 14 – Alp – Tirol#Bergans#

alp_alexkaiser-3406 alp_alexkaiser-3253 alp_alexkaiser-3333

alp_alexkaiser-3300 alp_alexkaiser-3344 alp_alexkaiser-3354

alp_alexkaiser-524 alp_alexkaiser-3384 alp_alexkaiser-3450

July 14 – Image Campaign Lech Lodge 5* luxury in Lech am Arlberg

July 14 – Korsika

korsika-2727 korsika-2732 korsika-2754 korsika-2790 korsika-2976 korsika-2989 korsika-3072 korsika-3080 korsika-3105

June 14 – Hungary

ungarn-2719 ungarn-2581 ungarn-2569 ungarn-2381 ungarn-2282 ungarn-2278 ungarn-2255 ungarn-2223 ungarn-2199

April 14 – Going for Gold at the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT with one of my favorite shots (Erzberg/Arlberg/Austria at full moon) – Looking forward to the price giving ceremony in Linz (13. Oktober/Design Center Linz)

Stitched Panorama

In the last two decades, the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures from nearly all countries around the world. It is by far the largest annual salon of photography on the globe. It is the aim of this competition to find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. The TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has established as an international benchmark of perfect photography.

April 14 – HEAD Freeride

pal_alexkaiser-1-2 pal_alexkaiser-1-3 pal_alexkaiser-1-4 pal_alexkaiser-1-5 pal_alexkaiser-1-6 pal_alexkaiser-1

April 14 – Piz Palü

pal_alexkaiser-1 pal_alexkaiser-1-3 pal_alexkaiser-1-2

March 14 – Strolz Sport Katalogshooting

March 14 – Pics for two Reports about world freeride vice champion Lorraine Huber

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 10.12.29 Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-01 um 10.16.38

Feb 14 – HEAD Ski

alexkaisermg-1-2 alexkaisermg-1 alexkaisermg-6883 alexkaisermg-6987 alexkaisermg-6993 alexkaisermg-7024

Feb 14 – Annual report M&G Investments

alexkaisermg-1-5 alexkaisermg-1 alexkaisermg-1-6 alexkaisermg-1-4 alexkaisermg-1-3 alexkaisermg-1-2

January 2014  – shooting  in the beautiful Lechtal for Skilifte Warth/Bergans

bergans_alexkaiser-1044 bergans_alexkaiser-1263 bergans_alexkaiser-1477 bergans_alexkaiser-1545 bergans_alexkaiser-1553 bergans_alexkaiser-1700

January 2014 – huge picture for the new Pieps booth – Ispo 2014

Foto 1

January 2014 – going big 02 for Raiffeisenbank Lech

Foto 2

January 2014 – still waiting for snow (view of my home village  wald am arlberg )


December 2013 – action shot for the new audi winter campaign


Dezember 2013 –  shooting for Bergans of Norway with lorraine huber (zürs, arlberg)

lorri-8782 lorri-8641 lorri-8414

Dezember 2013 – going big


November 2013 – berlin cold, wet and beautiful

berlin-1831 berlin-1808 berlin-1759 berlin-1751 berlin-1829 berlin-1821 berlin-1805 berlin-1781 berlin-1765

November 2013 – nice shot for the 3täler image campaign (skier hannes rothensteiner – early bird at diedamskopf)


August 2013 – mystic light  in the tyrolean alps

DSCF1357 DSCF1343 DSCF1338

July 2013 BREGENZ – stormy day , ocean feeling

DSCF1268 DSCF1244 DSCF1243 DSCF1234DSCF1208 DSCF1203

July 2013 VERWALL – beautiful night in the mountains

satteinser181 DSCF1185

June 2013 ISTANBUL – following the demonstrations on the Taksim Spuare !


April 2013 – Florenz Italy as it’s best

florenz-0100 florenz-0102 florenz-0104 florenz-0112 florenz-0131 florenz-0166 florenz-0177 florenz-0193 florenz-0195 florenz-0198 florenz-0201 florenz-0208 florenz-0228 florenz-0244 florenz-0254

Jänner 2013  – Cover new Trekking Mag (a beautiful winterday in Montafon/Vorarlberg)


Oktober 2012 – ‚working‘ with my girl on the other side of the camera (falkensteiner hotels croatia)


May/June 2011 – norway

norw-0056 norw-0047 norw-0037 norw-0035 norw-0032 norw-0026 norw-0020 norw-0018 norw-7

Nepal/Tibet 2007 – living in the present, here today gone tomorrow

npt-01 npt-14 npt-19 npt-20 npt-0025 npt-28 npt-45 npt-0045 npt-51 npt-55 npt-0061 npt-0143 npt-0190 npt-0241 npt-0332 npt-0422 npt-0455 npt-0536